An Open Letter to…My Blog

Dear Blog: I know we haven’t been together that long but I just had to let you know, I’ve been feeling like there’s something weird between us. Your posts have been so short lately and I just don’t feel like they’re up to my standard as a writer. Shh…no no, let me finish. I’m trying […]

Stuck. Yuck.

This. . . This is how I’ve been feeling for, oh, the last week…week and a half? Just stuck in the proverbial rut. There I was, cruising along and, by all outward appearances, crushing it as far as my writing was going. Then came this icky sticky little transition scene to hold me up and […]

Firsts and Not So Firsts

This is my first time participating in YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday which just so happens to be about recurrences (a.k.a not-so-firsts). First, a little housekeeping: This Week’s Topic: What themes, settings, motifs, scenes, or other elements do you find recurring in your work? BAM! *tosses hammer aside* Whew, now that that’s done…recurrences.  I have […]

All Hail the Hufflepuffs

So, I was sorted into House Hufflepuff on Pottermore today. (Yeah, I’m an early Pottermore subscriber. Suck it!) Definitely not where I expected to end up and I maintain it was because the husband was looking over my shoulder during the sorting and he made me nervous. Whatever. I can rock it with the Badgers! […]