Things I Did Today, Or, I Haven’t Blogged in a Long Time. What’s Up?

It’s been a weird Monday, which I realize is redundant. Anywho, I haven’t blogged anything in quite some time, so here’s what I did today:

  1. Named my fists after Downton Abbey characters (Say hello to Mrs. Patmore and the Dowager Countess!)   dowager
  2. Wrote what I’m sure will be a Tony-award-winning musical about Mondays entitled “Eff It!”
  3. Discovered that my cat had deemed the comforter on the guest bed “bathroom-worthy.” Again. (Sorry guests.)
  4. Plotted out a scene in my current MS where the main character gets drunk and subsequently arrested.
  5. Decided on ordering pizza for dinner because…(see #2).

There was some actual work in there, as well. Fun, right? What did you do today?


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