Book Movies FTW!

The husband has been reluctant to go to the movies lately, using curmudgeonly excuses like “It’s too expensive,” or “I’m not paying to see THAT,” or “But when it comes out on Netflix, we can watch it for free!” So, OK, yeah, movies are pricey these days. And yes, when we went to see Black Swan ages ago the two ladies behind us DID use their outside voices throughthewholedamnthing. But, sometimes ya just NEED to sit in a dark theater and get lost in a story. And when there are so many literary films out, I mean, come. on.

And I know everyone’s all “Meh, the movie never gets it right. The book is always better. Blah Bladda Blah.” Believe me, I get it. Books = Superior in my…err…book, too. BUT, since we all know this fact, can we just agree to stop complaining about it and just go ahead and enjoy the movies anyway? We can?!? Awesome! So, DH if you’re reading this, I’m putting my foot down for the following movie dates…

The Hunger Games

OK, this is an obvious one. We both loved the books AND the darn thing was FILMED here (Yay Asheville!) So, no backing out on this one!

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

DH has read this book and seemed to really enjoy it. But the MOVIE! It just looks so bad ass. And it’s Tim Burton, so…

The Hobbit

Yeah. I’d like to see you say no to this one. Bring it!

See? I’m not asking for much, just 3 awesome movies. Nary a chick-flick in site. I’m also willing to throw in The Avengers because I loves me some Downey, Jr.

(amiright, ladies?)

❤ Leigh-Ann


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