An Open Letter to…My Blog

Dear Blog:

I know we haven’t been together that long but I just had to let you know, I’ve been feeling like there’s something weird between us. Your posts have been so short lately and I just don’t feel like they’re up to my standard as a writer. Shh…no no, let me finish. I’m trying to say this is my fault, Blog. I haven’t been giving you the time or the effort that you deserve, and I think that’s because I write blogs for a living, Blog, so when I get home…er…click on your bookmarked link…I just don’t have the energy to give you the good writing that you need. And then there’s Twitter and Facebook demanding my time too, Blog. But that’s no excuse. You let me type more characters than those two could ever dream of. You’re all the things a writer SHOULD want in a social media platform.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s me, not you. But not in the I-think-we-should-see-other-people kind of way, Blog, but in the Hey-girl-Imma-spend-more-time-with-you way.

I’m here for you, Blog. And even though this post has turned out a little creepier than I originally planned, I’m still gonna post it. That’s how committed I am to this relationship. When I stop writing blogs about marketing and home health care for the day, it’s all you, Blog.

Unless I’m working on my novel. Priorities, Blog. Priorities.



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