Stuck. Yuck.

This. . .

This is how I’ve been feeling for, oh, the last week…week and a half? Just stuck in the proverbial rut. There I was, cruising along and, by all outward appearances, crushing it as far as my writing was going. Then came this icky sticky little transition scene to hold me up and keep me cowering under the covers whenever I even THINK of writing.

Do you have these days/weeks? You MUST! (Please tell me you do.) Those days when the all-powerful overwhelming self-doubt creeps in unnoticed and then pounces on you like so many jungle cats!

Self-doubt cat!

Awww…look how cute and sad he is!, self-doubt cat. This isn’t about you!

So anyway, it’s times like these when I say to myself: Hey self! You’ve come too far for this B.S. Roadblocks are inevitable. Get out of your sad car, get on your I-can-do-this bike, and go around it!

The point is, we’re writers and as such we’re prone to self doubt. But if we all let self-doubt cat win, sure, the world would be filled with cute little sad cats, but we’d have nothing good to read! And to me, that’s even sadder. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a novel to write for you good folks.


One thought on “Stuck. Yuck.

  1. I’m sorry you’re stuck. I hate being stuck. And I hate transitions. Which is why I skip them if they’re giving me too much grief. You can always fill them in later if you need to (and sometimes they’re not as essential as you think).

    Don’t let the self-doubt stop you from writing! Remember: You can always fix it in editing!

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