All Hail the Hufflepuffs

So, I was sorted into House Hufflepuff on Pottermore today. (Yeah, I’m an early Pottermore subscriber. Suck it!) Definitely not where I expected to end up and I maintain it was because the husband was looking over my shoulder during the sorting and he made me nervous. Whatever. I can rock it with the Badgers! Strangely, a couple of my Camp Nanowrimo buddies were sorted into Hufflepuff too, which begs the question, Are all writers Hufflepuffs? Should I ever meet Miss Rowling I am so asking about that.

Oh, and check out my wand. It’s Surprisingly Swishy!!

Speaking of writing, I also went to a write-in this evening with some fellow Asheville writers at the beloved French Broad Chocolate Lounge and put an extra thousand-plus words on my WIP. It feels awesome to see my word count climb into 30,000s, even if I know I’ve got some real work to do later on. Like, serious revisions, y’all.

And let me say this before I go: <rant> If you sign up to attend an event where you know everyone around you is going to be working hard on something (like writing, just for example) please, oh, please don’t yammer on and on and on, continually trying to engage the earbud-laden people around you in conversation. Seriously! Not. Cool.</rant>




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