And the Winner is…Me

In honor of my brand new blog, I thought it’d be nice to start things off with a win.

I woke up this morning, jumped on the ole Twitter and saw, much to my delight, that I was the WINNAH in the first ever Wordplay Podcast giveaway contest! Wordplay is run by some awesome folks: James Dashner (Maze Runner, Scorch Trials, and the soon-to-be Death Cure), Nathan Bransford (former lit agent turned author who still dispenses sage writing advice daily), and J. Scott Savage, who, I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about until today. BUT, I’m going to be reading up on him and his series, Farworld, since he’s the one who sent me THIS:

SQUEE! That’s right, I won a signed copy of Ally Condie’s Matched. SCORE! I definitely had the whole “But, I never win ANYTHING” moment this morning when I saw it. Thanks again to the Wordplay gang and Ally. You made my Monday so much brighter.

So, that’s my first post, you guys. Pretty exciting, right? I hope you’ll come back and see what else I get into as I continue with this WIP, and hopefully, magically, eventually finish it.

Staaaay tuned!

Love, Leigh-Ann
(P.S. I need some writing buddies for this journey, so feel free to hop aboard and say HI! if you’re doing the whole “writing thing.”)


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